Mother's Day

My Rose, My Mother

Mother’s Day

The day we honor the beautiful women in our lives we call,


I had the sweet blessing of having a mother who taught me about the important things in life, like having faith, believing in prayer, and never giving up. She was a single mom for ten years . Looking back, I can’t imagine how scary those years must have been for her — young, with a baby, and working odd jobs to make ends meet.  All I knew throughout those years was that I was loved. She was remarkable.

Thirteen years ago we shared our last hug, right before she entered heaven’s doors.

Today I wish to remember my beautiful mother who taught me how to walk by faith through her living example in my life. I have been inspired by her to be that kind of example to my own children so they will know what it means to have faith, to believe in prayer, and to never give up.

Tell me about your mother.  What was one thing that she taught you about living life? And, if you’re a mom, what is something you’d like to pass on to your children?

My Rose, My Mother

Beautiful, soft —

Delicate, sweet;

My Rose, My Mother

Colorful, vibrant —

Marvelous, amazing;

My Rose, My Mother

Thirsty, gracious–

Strong, lovely;

My Rose, My Mother

I believe one of the most beautiful flowers God ever designed

was the rose;

And one of the most beautiful mothers He ever created

was my mother.

A woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised. Proverbs 31:30 (NLT)

Love you, Mom.

With my whole heart,




    • dlward6030

      Thanks for remembering with me, Mara. I feel certain she’s tending to Heaven’s gardens now. She was my rose and I was her Daisy. 🙂

  • Debbie

    Diane, your mom holds a special place in my heart too! She was so sweet and a beautiful rose. Over the years, she loved being with us girls and we loved having her around. I’m remembering times that our moms would do special things for us…so giving! What a wonderful gift a mother is to a daughter!
    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts Diane! You are also a special person with a heart of gold! Love you! 🌼

    • dlward6030

      Thanks, Debbie. I love the memories of those special days growing up. She really was one of the girls.
      And your mom, loves flower gardens, too! The only thing is, you got your mom’s green thumb … I didn’t. 🙂
      What a blessing to have such beautiful role models in our lives.

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