Consistent and Persistent

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:1 (NIV)

Is anyone out there writing a book? Do you ever find yourself stuck? I do. From time to time my writing momentum slows down and comes to a complete halt. I allow other things to come between me and my published book goal. I can get quite irritated with myself, but have come to realize that other things will come into my life that are worthy of my attention and time.

Knowing how to prioritize my time continues to be a challenge for me. You, too? We all have the same number of minutes in a day. How I admire those who¬†are skilled at spending their time wisely — who are consistent and persistent in their endeavors!

Sometimes we need to take time to analyze how we’re spending our minutes and readjust and tweak how we’re doing life. There’s something very powerful about being consistent and persistent with the things that matter most to us. For me, consistency brings peace and happiness, and persistence is the secret ingredient that fuels success. It’s the inner strength needed to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves.

It’s never too late to do that thing which brings a smile to our hearts. If I’m doing what I love, I’m happier and that happiness spills out into other areas of my life. What is it for you? We all have something we can share with others to bring hope and encouragement. May you find a way to make the positive difference only YOU can make!

With my whole heart,


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