Days vs. Years … Countdown to Sixty Begins

Countdown to 60!
 “Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered — how fleeting my life is.”
Psalm 39:4 (NLT)

Here it is — the last day in August and I’ve been enjoying each day of this, my birth month! Every birthday up until now has been a time of celebrating my life and all the years I’ve lived, but this birthday has been a little different. I’ve found myself focusing more on celebrating the day I’m living instead of the years I’ve lived.  Let me explain …

Each year has been quietly unfolding in my life — one right into another — until year after year has now passed, and I find myself — oh, so much older! It’s time I come to grips with the reality that I’m not getting any younger — Ugh!  In fact, I’m starting to look at my years and wondering how in the world did they fly by so quickly! I used to think I had forever ahead of me. Now, forever is clearly approaching, and I’m spending some serious time thinking about how I can fill my days with good things  — things that matter and make a difference because my years are becoming less.

As my countdown to sixty begins, I’m setting some new goals and making it a priority to accomplish them.  I’m continuing to work on a couple of book ideas, putting exercise as a morning priority (to keep up with my grandson — LOL), working on some very special journaling projects, a new bible study, and I’ve got my first 5K on the calendar in November. These are just a few of the things I’m focusing on this year. Another thing close to my heart is my ministry with the birth-grandmothers group at New Life Adoptions. This is where my heart beats with a great love. It’s a love that was born when I, myself, became a birth-grandmother.  It’s a beautiful thing when you see how God uses all things for good in your life. He has used this ministry to bring healing and hope to me and other women who also wear the title, “birth-grandmother.” My days are blessed when spent with those at New Life Adoptions.

So, what about you? Is there a special “something” that you enjoy doing but haven’t in a long time because too many other things are getting in the way? Do you have a deep passion about getting something accomplished in your lifetime? A special place you’d like to visit? A project you’d like to conquer? Maybe a new hobby you’ve been wanting to start but just haven’t — yet. Today is a good day to start whatever it is you have on your heart.

Live in this moment. It’s the best place to make the most of your time.

With all my whole heart,



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